What we have done

We seek to be a catalyst for Literature, Language, Music n Dance, Cinema, to promote and inspire the greatest possible professionalism in Performing Arts and Literature, and we continue to work with that objective in mind.


It will promote, discuss and create a forum for literary interactions and appreciation of Oriya Literature and its contemporary values. We are organising Meet the Author programmes (Sahitya Sandhya) where people interested in literary interaction among writers, readers and listeners from are brought together. The idea is to establish a literary platform to reverse of the deteriorating cultural trends and to explore new avenues for Oriya literature.

Sahitya Sandhya with J P Das

First edition of Sahitya Sandhya was unveiled at India International Centre with the noted poet, writer, playwright and recipient of Saraswati Samman 2006 J P Das. A thought provoking discussion took place on how to promote new writers and enrich Oriya literature. Read the speech delivered by J P Das. Event photos

Translations of Original writings

We have initiated translations of original works from Oriya into English and vice-versa for exchange of cultural and literary ethos. Set Free and Other Poems an anthology of poems originally written by Sunanda Pradhan has been published in English with translations by some of the eminent poets and translators of Orissa. Read Set free in PDF, [download]

Anthology of Women Poets a translation of selected poems by some of the women poets of Orissa, to be edited by Jashodhara Mishra. (under publication)


The association has established a library with wide collection of Oriya books. OCA intends to develop it to help, preserve and promote literary activities among Oriyas residing in Delhi and NCR.

RAS RANG : Music n Dance, Theater Initiatives


We focus on promotion of indigenous forms of Music and Dance, Theater of Orissa in the world forum. We hold musical performances and organize to encourage creative expression for a wide viewership.

Music and Dance Evenings

At the break of monsoon, the whole world turns to sing and dance and Oriyas observe Raja Utsav, a festival to signify the beginning of the agricultural season. We celebrate this with indigenous Music and Dance and folk songs. Performances on this occasion are encouraged to experiment with traditions integrated with modernity. The shows are non-ticketed, and attracts audience from diverse walk of life.

Dance Akademi

Although Odissi dance has already gained classical status and global recognition, Odissi music that has been an integral part of the dance style is yet to be conferred classical status despite it having all the features of classicism.

To promote Odissi dance and music, the association has established a dance institute in collaboration with Odissi Akademi, Delhi.

Over the years it has provided a platform for young talent to perform in association with artists sponsored by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations.


Contemporary Oriya theatre in many way the progeny of Yatra, popularized by pioneers like Baishnab Pani and Balakrishna Mohanty. For the last two decades Oriya theatre in has made a presence in the all India sphere. We try to establish a direct, distinct, and strong bridge between Oriya drama and the rest of the theater world. In the absence of professional groups in Orissa, amateur groups form the only hope for Oriya theatre. We encourage staging of plays with innovative production strategies, ideas and expressions.

Chitra Kala: Cinema Initiatives


Meet The Director

This is an attempt to bring audience and film makers together to discuss methods relating to films. After screenings views are invited to participate in a discussion group. We seek to encourage making of films and documentaries by the new generation to enrich Oriya film production in the new era.

Meet the Director : Ghanshyam Mahapatra, Prasant Nanda

Film Festival

We organize Film Festivals to showcase films on various subjects, literature in movies and documentaries etc. which is open to all.



The Association seeks to facilitate the spread of Oriya Language among expatriate Oriyas through “Ananya”. The aim is to provide adequate teachers and infrastructure to harness young talents and satisfy their thirst for knowledge in Oriya Language.
We organize recitations and debates in Oriya to encourage the new generation of Oriyas to take the language with seriousness.
We distribute children’s literatures so as to teach the language outside Orissa and enable the children to learn it so that they might contribute to the language to enrich it in future.