We are

A group of people organized the forum with a common goal to conserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Orissa and exchange cultural relation among other cultures at the national level. Thus is the genesis of the Oriya Cultural Association (OCA)

OCA founded in 2006, is a non-profit, voluntary, non-political participatory movement.

It works in collaboration with the people of Orissa and people outside Orissa to protect and foster indigenous cultures, reaffirm traditions and beliefs, encourage contemporary artistic expressions and to provide a forum for indigenous voices.

We work with a wide range of individuals, communities and organizations to promote knowledge and understanding of Oriya arts, literature, languages, cinema and contemporary life. The society aims at carrying out research, promotion and demonstration of the inherent unity in the diverse cultural paradigms of Orissa.

We are mentored by some of the eminent personalities like J P Das, the poet, playwright and fiction-writer in Oriya, whose works have been widely translated into Hindi, English and other languages and Gour Kishore Das, a former Vice chancellor of Utkal University and former Director of University of Delhi, South Campus.

The association has organized numerous thought provoking national and international seminars and conferences on themes of significant cultural interest, which have evoked favorable response.

It is open to anyone who is interested in Oriya Culture.


Our mission is to Preserve, Perpetuate and Promote the native cultures and communities of Orissa.


OCA’s object is based on the cause

    • To conserve and promote an awareness of the rich cultural heritage, which is essentially Oriya, focus on literature, arts, music, dance, festivals, rituals, mythology and philosophy.
    • To foster and strengthen intra-oriya culture amongst Oriyas outside Orissa.
    • To facilitate a deeper and subtle value based education system for refined and intellectual development of cultural and spiritual paradigm.
    • To establish and develop relations with national and international cultural organizations/ institutions.
    • To promote cultural exchange with other states, countries and people

    The Association in involved in carrying out following activities to fulfill the set objectives, viz:

    • Lectures, seminars, workshops, discussion forums and research on literature, music, dance, visual arts, cinema, mythology and folk traditions
    • Library and Study Centres for promoting Oriya language and culture
    • Festivals, folk ceremonies and national events
    • Establish centres of learning and performing arts
    • Concerts, performances and exhibitions on Music, Dance, Literature, Arts, Cinema, etc
    • Cultural Exchange Programs between different states, countries and people
    • Publication of newsletters, monographs, periodicals, research papers on Oriya thoughts, literature, Music, Dance, Arts, Cinema, Mythology, etc.

Memorandum of Association

Executive Body 2009-20010