It’s a forum with a goal to conserve and promote the rich cultural heritage of Orissa and exchange cultural relation among other cultures. We work with people inside and outside Orissa to protect and foster local cultures, reaffirm traditions and beliefs, encourage contemporary artistic expressions and to provide a forum for indigenous voices.

We promote knowledge and understanding of Oriya arts, literature, languages, cinemaas well as contemporary life in Orissa.

Our broad initiatives are to promote Literature, Language, Music, Dance, Cinema and other forms of visual art. Varnamala the wing for Literature organizes discussions with writers and promotes new talents. Ras Rang celebrates music and dance and brings the indigenous forms to the world forum. Our cinema forum Chitra Kala initiates discussions with film makers on the nuances of film making and the dissemination of the art form…..

Ananya focuses on the propagation of Oriya language among the new generation living beyond Orissa, through a play and learn mode…

Learning, sharing and re-learning are vital for survival and progress in an open environment. We provide forums for sharing various regional cultures alongside the Orissan, so as to create an environment for appreciation of respective cultures and learning nuances. Ras Rang has provided a unique forum for display and share regional cultures of India. Bengali, Kashmiri, Malayalee, Rajasthani were participated in these forums …..

OCA has organised some international seminars for cultural sharing with institutions like Orissa Society of Americans (OSA), Kuwait Oriya Association.

Translation of Oriya literature into English and vice versa plays an important role to enrich language and literature. Set Free a collection of poems is a translations of original Oriya poems by Sunanda Pradhan by some of the eminent translators of Oriya language.

Anthology of Oriya Women Poets, is a translation of selected works of 25 women poets from Orissa edited by Jashodhara Mishra.

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